About Me

"Jen, You're Not From Around Here Are You?"

"No, I'm not...how can you tell?"

Is it my Southern accent (which really only sounds Southern to people NOT from the South)?

Or the fact that I mispronounced your name, street name, school name or other landmark location? (I'm trying, I promise!)

Maybe the fact that I didn't go to high school with any of your friends or don't remember that important event that happened a few years back?

That's all true. I'm not "from here" but I now call the Maryland HOME.

At least for the next few years (maybe longer). While that may be a problem for people that think I don't understand them or can't relate; I see it as a strength because it means that I stay CURIOUS about new people and places. I DON'T know any of your friends so I only know what you tell me. And I am FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE to change.

Would you love a curious, flexible and caring person working with you or your family on things that are scary or challenging? If so, schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

Need to Know More About Jen Taylor?


OH, A MILITARY FAMILY...so, Jen, when are you moving?

Here's one thing you will learn about me. I am totally upfront about everything.  I have recently moved to Baltimore, MD and am currently only seeing clients via telehealth.  The plan is to stay here in Maryland until at least 2024.  

I am currently licensed in Florida, Tenessee, Hawaii and Maryland.  If you live in one of these areas and are in need of services, please contact me.  If you are outside of these areas, let me help refer you to an appropriate provider. 

Ready to get started?  Schedule An Appointment with me Now. 

This is my crew: My Husband is in the Navy from a few years ago. We're always on the go!

I'm pretty adventurous. But my therapy sessions stay well grounded in the office!

We spent a few years in Hawaii and had so much fun there!



  • Bachelor in Social Work from The University of West Florida
  • Master's in Social Work from Florida State University
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2008 (in Florida) and also licensed in Tennessee and Hawaii
  • Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (150+ Hours of Specialized Training)
  • EMDR Certified Clinician,  Consultant-in-Training
  • Certified Journal to The Self Instructor
  • Working on becoming a Certified Journal Therapist - ASK ME MORE. 
  • TF-CBT Certified,  FirstPlay Kinesthetic Storytelling Certified Practitioner, AutPlay Certified
  • Gottman Method Trained (Level 1 & Level 2) 


  • 20 Years Experience with Children and Families including child abuse and neglect, chronic and terminal illnesses, developmental disabilities, and complex trauma and attachment.
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Memphis and previously taught at the University of West Florida
  • Nationwide presenter on play therapy topics; creator of the Play Therapy Summit online play therapy conference
  • Approved Provider of Continuing Education for the Association for Play Therapy and the National Board of Certified Counselors
  • Wife, Mom of Multiples (that counts, right?)

Get to Know More About What I Offer In Our Blog

By reading the articles on the website, you might get an idea if I can help you.  You might start with the one I wrote about the infamous Ballistic Missile Warning (I was around for that, unfortunately). Then, you can start to decide if you think you might LIKE me.  (That's actually one of the most important things about choosing a therapist.  It really helps if you LIKE them).  

Schedule and appointment or  just give me a call 443-884-9222. 

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