Play Therapy Retreat: Park City, Utah Aug 3-5

Pictured Left to Right, Dr. Jessica Stone, Clair Mellenthin, Dr. Robert Jason Grant


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Interweaving Play Therapy Theories and Interventions:  

An Integrative Approach to Play Therapy 

Mountain-Top Retreat

LIVE IN PERSON in Park City, Utah August 3-5, 2023

with Clair Mellenthin, Dr. Jessica Stone and Dr. Robert Jason Grant. 

Have you ever felt stuck, confused, or frustrated in the play therapy process?

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  • Did you learn there is only one “right” way of doing play therapy and now that you are in clinical practice, realizing that you may need more tools in your toolbox?

  • Do you need a deeper understanding of why you are doing what you are doing in the playroom?

  • Are you ready to learn how to engage in play therapy from an integrative, prescriptive, and systemic practice

Then this Play Therapy Retreat is 


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Come join Clair Mellenthin, Dr Jessica Stone, and Dr. Robert Jason Grant for THREE DAYS to deepen your understanding of play therapy seminal theories and how this informs what interventions work best for specific problems and populations. 

We will spend each day focusing on specific theories and how they can be implemented using powerful and engaging play therapy interventions with individual, family, and group play therapy.

You will leave with a toolbox full of play therapy techniques to put into practice immediately as well as a systemic understanding of what is driving the behaviors, how the family system is impacted, and what you can do to help repair and build in safety, security, and play into each of your play therapy sessions. 

At the end of each day’s training, there will be plenty of time for SELF-CARE whether it is hitting the hiking trails, playing 18 holes of golf, soaking in the pool, or getting pampered at the resort’s spa. Our hope is that you will leave feeling rejuvenated inside and out and feel more prepared to help the kids and families you treat each day. 

Photo of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Park City Utah with view of the pool

At the beautiful GRAND SUMMIT RESORT in Park City, Utah

Located at: 4000 Canyons Resort Drive, Park City, Utah, 84098

Our discounted rooms start at just $209 per night

Reserve your room before July 3rd to get this amazing rate! 



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DAY 1 -  Individual Play Therapy 9am-4pm

All about working with the individual child! You will explore seminal play therapy theories and pursue integration of theories, approaches, and techniques to address specific therapy goals for your child client. You will learn the how and the why! 

Seminal Theory: Child Centered Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy, Adlerian Play Therapy

  • Why Play Therapy Works

  • Being With and Witnessing

  • Honoring the Process

  • Playing detective - what’s driving the behavior?

  • Choosing the right fit for your play therapy approach

    • Understanding the differences in theories and how to individualize the process

    • No one size fits all to therapy

    • Integration of theoretical approaches

  • Rapport Building Interventions

    • What happens when the child refuses to talk?

    • The tigger client- managing the distractible ping pong client

    • Crying, Wailing, and Refusal to come into the playroom

  • Individualized play therapy interventions

    • “Dance” of great big play

  • Coping Strategies to manage big emotions

    • Co-regulation interventions

    • Mindfulness in play therapy

  • Neurobiological Informed Play Therapy 

    • Co-regulation interventions

    • Bottom-Up processing

    • Movement, Dance, and Rhythm


DAY 2 - Family Play Therapy 9am-4pm

Beyond the individual child! Day two is all about relationships - the family system and groups! You will understand how seminal play therapy theories support family and group work as you experience mindful integration of theory and technique to address common therapy needs.

  • Understanding Attachment Theory and Family Systems Theory

    • Attachment based framework for understanding behaviors and relationship dynamics

    • Attachment spectrum 

    • Understanding the Crucial C’s of Adlerian Play Therapy

    • The “between and within” of family systems

  • Maximizing the parent-child relationship

    • Repair, rebuild, and create secure attachment

    • Inviting the parent into the play therapy process

    • What are your roadblocks

    • Transference and countertransference issues

  • Bringing in the siblings and managing the chaos

    • Directive vs. Nondirective play therapy

    • Digital play therapy interventions

    • Co-regulation and calming the chaos

  • The Family That Games Together Stays Together

    • Using digital play therapy with families

    • Choosing which interventions for what problems



DAY 3 - Group Play Therapy 9am-1pm

Day THREE is all about Group Play Therapy and experiential activities! Using the magic of the mountains we will be engaging in hands-on nature-based play therapy interventions, practicing mindfulness, and integrating the knowledge learned from the past two days into a coherent, integrative framework.   

  • Nature-based play therapy

    • Using the 5 senses playfully

    • Group gratitude mandalas

    • Nature-based sandtray work

  • Calming the internal chaos

    • Journaling

    • Bilateral movement in nature

    • Finding safety together 

  • Putting it All Together

    • Final Q&A’s

    • Group Photo

    • Surprise Closing Activity!!

Who is the workshop for?

Play Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, Child and Family Therapists who work with children and their caregivers. 

Get 16 APT contact hours and 16 NBCC Credit Hours during this 3-day workshop 

  • 16 APT CONTACT HOURS from Robert Jason Grant Ed.D is an APT Approved Provider #12-318 for continuing education. Visit to learn more about APT (Association for Play Therapy).
  • For those completing the RPT credential, the 16 hours can be counted as up to 6 toward seminal theory and up to 6 toward skills and methods. The remainder and any of the 16 can count toward special topics and applicants choice.
  • 16 NBCC Credit Hours AutPlay Therapy Clinic has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6595. Visit to learn more about NBCC.

What's this training about?

Join us as we dive into the whys and the whats that make play therapy work.

This retreat is perfect for the new or experienced play therapist. As a participant, you will go beyond your current skill set and develop a new perspective in your play therapy practice with individual, family, and group work. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the difference and similarities of the seminal play therapy theories.
  2.  Analyze various family systems through the lens of attachment theory to strengthen clinical assessment skills.
  3.  Conceptualize attachment patterns that impact parent-child relationships to further advance your clinical practice.
  4. Implement play therapy interventions to foster engagement with parents in family play therapy in order to repair, and enhance the parent-child relationship.
  5.  Conceptualize how play therapy interventions align with play therapy theory.
  6. Deconstruct play therapy interventions for alignment with client individualization.
  7. Describe the theoretical and therapeutic goal purpose for implementation of a specific play therapy intervention.
  8.  Explain content, purpose and goal alignment of play therapy interventions to parents and third parties.
  9.  Describe at least 2 digital play therapy interventions to implement with clients.
  10.  Practice 4 play therapy interventions to implement with families.
  11.  Describe at least 4 play therapy interventions to implement with groups.
  12.  Identity integration processes and perspective when implementing play therapy interventions.
  13.  Determine the developmental stages of attachment needs and behaviors to identify maladaptive responses in children and families.
  14.  Explore various components of self-compassion and discuss its clinical applications and importance in working traumatized clients.
  15. Apply mindfulness skills and practice in play therapy treatment to promote self-soothing and affect regulation.
  16.  Complete a journal prompt regarding the conceptualization of play therapy theory and technique.
  17. Complete a reflective/experiential exercise regarding personal growth in theory/intervention/client coalescence.
  18. Understand their own “fit” as a play therapist working from a theoretical knowledge and implementing play therapy interventions.

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