August 25, 2020

It's been a while since I have written a blog, so this one is going to be a long one. There are so many changes in my space so please, stay with me.

There's this little thing going around called've probably heard about it by now...

Well, it has created a lot of uncertainty in the world and time feels really weird. For example:  how is it time to go "back to school" even though we've been out of school for so long already?  But also, are we really going BACK and is it SAFE and most importantly -

How do I work AND homeschool (online public school?) AT THE SAME TIME???

It's a lot.  Right?

And, during this time of uncertainty, some non-essential things have to fall by the wayside.  One of those things was my weekly blog.  Another was my semi-regular monthly newsletter.  But, also bigger things like having full time day care.  This is really scary for me, actually.

Beginning Monday, all three of my children begin online public school and I have no idea what that even looks like, but what I do know is that I am re-thinking how and when to work so you will notice that I am OFFLINE more.

So, I am officially asking for grace knowing that my response times will be slower and I will have to say no to some things for the next month or more. 

What I do know is that I have been really carefully looking at what is important.

Here is What Has Not Changed

  • I am still seeing adults/parents/couples via tele-health and on a limited basis in my Hawaii office (with social distancing and masks). By limited, I mean on TUESDAY and THURSDAY only.
  • I am still providing play therapy courses (through my terrific partners) for those working on their play therapy credentials. More on that later, keep reading!
  • I am still providing consultation (now including EMDR) on an individual basis only.

Here is What HAS Changed

  • I am not currently accepting new clients for therapy - most people know by now, but for those who don't, we are planning to move from Hawaii to Maryland at the end of 2020.  Yes, during the middle of winter, please don't remind me 😉
  • Also, I am not seeing children in the office, but we are working together via tele-health, when appropriate.
  • I am no longer providing play therapy continuing education as a provider myself and there are no current plans to reschedule the Hawaii play therapy retreat.
  • I am also not going to renew my NBCC provider status when it expires in 2021.  So, any courses that you need NBCC credit for will need to be completed by 2/28/2021.
  • I am no longer providing any play therapy supervision groups.

Whew...lots of big changes, right?  
Deep breath!!!

Now that we have all that out of the way, I wanted to share a few things that I have ADDED during this wild and crazy year.

Training GALORE  

My play therapy colleagues have been hard at work adding a vast array of courses to my learning platform. I'm hosting the content, they provide the play therapy credits. So Professionals, you are going to want to check these out.

  1. The Nature Play Therapy Training Series features 22 non-contact hours from Lynn Louise Wonders, Jamie Lynn Langley, Dr. Janet Courtney, Rose LaPierre and Dr. Roz Heiko.  There is really nothing like it out there and I think you are going to love it. I did a quick interview with all of the trainers and you can watch that here. It is super fun and only 15 minutes and gives you a great peak into what you get in that super-sized training bundle.
  2. Lynn has been working double time with webinars and trainings and has added so many new courses that I can barely keep track. I think she has the largest library of recorded courses of any play therapist around.  Find them all here

    AND Lynn and I also created a totally new concept called Lease and Learn - it's a rental program for her retired play therapy courses (with new courses being added every month to this program).

    Watch and review the information for 30 days at a very low price and get just what you need for your clients right when you need it.  (No quizzes and no CE credits....just learning for the sake of learning).  This program was designed especially for those, like me... who have about 100 CE credits so I don't really need them anymore, but I just can't stop learning new things.  
  3. And... Dr. Robert Jason Grant has been adding courses every month too!  His selection of courses keeps growing and growing and you can check them all out here.  You can get AutPlay certified online, but you can also get so many practical tools for your practice in his other courses.
  4. And..we've added two very rich sand play courses from Dr. Roz Heiko (one is coming up live and the other is recorded).  Check them out here.  Check out that live FairyTales course before the early bird rate expires this month.  
  5. And...we've added four courses from Ragan Snyder-Smith that are so fun (really fun stuff like Lego and Superheroes).  If you don't know Ragan, you need to.  I'm really excited to have her courses available and looking forward to another one coming soon on parts work and play therapy using Inside Out as a guide.
  6. And, Dr. Janet Courtney's FirstPlay Kinesthetic Storytelling course is now self-paced and fully re-vamped with new videos and demonstrations that will have you ready to create your own stories in person, via tele-health or even in your own published children's book.  

As for me, I have been slowly working on a few new creative projects myself.  When I say slowly...I mean turtle paced!!  Currently, they are mostly things that I am using to keep myself sane.  I plan to tell you more about them, but right now, they are my protected babes that are still being nurtured privately.

So, as we start the back to school season, I am officially giving everyone permission to be confused, to be frustrated, to say no when you need to, to be offline in nature as often as possible and to go slowly and steadily towards new things with a sense of curiosity and wonder rather than fear.   

I Just Ask One Thing

Please stop referring to 2020 as a hot mess.  Or a disaster. Or whatever negative thing you want to call it while wishing for it all to end.  Yes, it has been wild, but transitions are wild.  We are in the global  "goo stage" of transformation.

Goo stage is the messy time when a caterpillar dissolves into a bunch of cells that sit around for a while repositioning themselves into what will later become a butterfly.  You can't rush the goo stage.  Be patient with yourselves and others. 

Wear your masks and wash your hands (you don't want to mix your goo with anyone else's) - that's not how this works.

Whatever is coming, it's going to be beautiful.  But not for a while.   
Hang in there!

If you need me, I will be teaching Kindergarten and first grade along side the public school while enjoying the last few months with the best clients a therapist could ever ask for and hopefully savoring our last few months on Oahu at the beaches and mountains (if they would be so kind as to open them back up). 

About the Author Jen Taylor

Jennifer Taylor, LCSW, RPT is an experienced child and family therapist and public speaker who specializes in trauma, ADHD, and conduct problems. Discover more about her diverse clinical background and family. Reach out to Jennifer with questions or comments by emailing at

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