Journal the Year 2023

Journal The Year 2023:  Monthly Journaling Group

Is "journal more" one of your intentions for 2023?

Do you need accountability and support while maintaining your privacy? Then this is the group for you!

Therapeutic writing groups talk about the PROCESS of writing without having to read your actual writing out loud!

You can make journaling a life-long habit in just 12 sessions a year! Join us for one live meeting every month in 2023 and record a years worth of memories and wisdom! The group will meet for 90 minutes at the beginning (ish) of each month.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for ANYONE!  

Jen will guide you through her favorite journaling technique - the Month End Review.  This technique is inspired by an exercise in Journal to the Self created by Kay Adams, but I've added a playful twist by creating a  3 step-writing process and an expressive arts activity.

It starts out with what feels like a big old HOT mess each month and then turns into a beautiful piece of art!

In addition to the Month End Review, you will learn NEW journaling techniques every month to add onto or enhance your journal practice. 

BONUS:  I will also teach you my 8 -step journal practice, THE PLAY PLAN, to use before you start any new project!  It's my secret weapon to overcome fear and supercharge your to-do list! And it only takes 15 minutes to do!

Don't worry: You are not required to share ANYTHING that you write in your journal during this workshop. However, people often share reflections about the process or feedback about how the techniques were helpful. 

All the Details:  Zoom Meetings 12pm-1:30pm EST

Looking for a Journal Prompt to get You Started?

Try one of these guided prompts


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