February 6, 2023

Updated 2023: There are now FOUR TEDx Talks that have been given by PLAY THERAPISTS as of today. Bookmark this post so that you can find them anytime you need to reference them. This post was updated to add the new talk given by Liliana Baylon in 2023.

Bookmark this post so that you can find them anytime you need to reference them.

*There are several play therapists that have applied and if they are accepted, then I will add them to this post.  (GOOD LUCK, btw!).

#1: The Curative Touch of a Magic Rainbow Hug
Dr. Janet Courtney  
TEDx Delray Beach September 20, 2013

Dr. Janet Courtney was a pioneer for the play therapy field with her TEDx talk in 2013.   This is the description from her talk:

As Director of Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies and adjunct Professor at Barry University, Janet's career is centered on bringing psychological healing to children. She is an internationally recognized Play Therapist specializing in expressive therapies and attachment treatment who has invented a new process of kinesthetic storytelling, merging imagery relaxation skills with joyful first-play touch activities. Her interactive storybook, The Magic Rainbow Hug makes this technique directly accessible to professionals, parents, and the children who can most benefit from it's use. ~ Dr. Janet Courtney, TEDx Delray Beach (Sep 20, 2013)

#2: Play is the Child’s Language: Play Therapy
Joanne Wicks
TEDx Darwin September 28, 2016

Joanne Wicks is an Australian Registered Play Therapist  (AAPT-RPT) and a Registered Counsellor who is an Associate Lecturer at Charles Darwin University, School of Psychological and Clinical Science where she is a Unit-Coordinator of three post graduate courses in Play Therapy.  

This is the description for her talk:

All behaviour is communication and children are often unable to verbalise their experiences and strong emotions in the same way that they can express them through play. Learning how to speak their language, the language of play can provide access into a child’s world which is often left silent. ~ Joanne Wicks, TEDxDarwin (September 28, 2016)

#3: Trauma & Play Therapy: Holding Hard Stories
Paris Goodyear-Brown, MSSW, LCSW, RPT-S
TEDx Nashville June 14, 2021

Paris Goodyear-Brown, LCSW, RPT-S, is a child trauma expert and a professional player with 23 years of experience in helping traumatized children and their families heal. She is the founder and Clinical Director of Nurture House, serves the Association for Play Therapy in several roles, is a sought-after international speaker and a prolific author.

This is the description of her talk

How do children heal from trauma? Play therapy and trauma expert, Paris Goodyear-Brown, takes us on a journey through the stories of children from hard places, the neuroscience of play, and the importance of each of us in bearing witness to the hurt. Graphic images may evoke strong emotions but will reveal the amazing ability of children to tell us what happened and play their way to healing. ~ Paris Goodyear-Brown, TEDx Nashville, June 14, 2021

#4: Being Understood as an Immigrant
Liliana Baylon, LMFT, RPT-S

Tedx Breckinrdidge February 1, 2023

 Liliana Baylon is a bilingual (English/Spanish) and bicultural therapist with a master’s degree in Counseling & Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy from the University of Phoenix. Since entering the counseling field, Liliana has developed an interest and niche in treating families, couples, and children who have experienced trauma, abuse, and multicultural issues. To better treat the Latino population, Liliana has received trainings in different modalities, some of which she is a trained educator. Liliana additionally is AAMFT Approved Supervisor, EMDR Approved Consultant, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant, ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist, and Supervisor. Liliana brings a unique cultural lens into her therapy sessions and supervision as she primarily treats LatinX while providing therapy and supervision in English, and Spanish

This is the description of her talk

In this talk, Liliana Baylon shares the immigrant experience—exploring trauma response, the role of children as “cultural brokers,” and the nervous system response. She invites viewers to become curious about understanding the experience and challenges of immigrants, how to support them in resettlement to a new country and what it means for their identity and their internal/external sense of safety.

Again, if there is one that I missed, be sure to email me so that I can update this and feel free to use this post as a reference in the future. 

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