Professional Consultation Services

EMDR Consultation:

For clinicians that have completed their Basic Training and are interested in becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist. (You can read about my journey here.)

EMDR Consultation

Jen Taylor is an EMDR Consultant-in-Training (CIT).  I am actively learning and working through the process to become an EMDR Approved Consultant with Alyssa Caldbeck, LISW, RPT.  I am accepting a very limited number of clinicians as part of this process. If you are EMDR trained and are interested in becming EMDR certified, please email me at 

"A CIT can provide a maximum of 15 hours of consultation to an EMDR trained clinician who is working towards EMDRIA Certification. EMDRIA Certification applicants must obtain 20 hours of consultation on their use of EMDR with clients. The remaining 5 hours of consultation must come from an Approved Consultant. Although a CIT can provide a letter of recommendation for the consultee seeking certification, a letter of recommendation from an Approved Consultant is required for EMDRIA Certification applicants."  

*Note, you will be required to have an Approved Consultant before we begin our consultation process together.  I can assist you in finding an Approved Consultant, if needed. 

For EMDR: You will want o be sure that your training and consultation is approved by Emdria.  It is important to keep all of the information regarding your initial training and consultation fro the Basic Training.  Also, please keep accurate logs of the number of clients and sessions in which you are using EMDR. 

If you are currently receiving consultation and are looking for EMDR resources, find them here. 

Play Therapy Consultation Services:

For those interested in becoming a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) or for clinicians struggling with challenging play therapy cases. 

Play Therapy Consultation

Jen Taylor is a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor.  I am not not currently providing group consultation services.  If you are working towards your RPT credential or are interested in an individual consultation regarding a difficult case, you can email me at to discuss.   You can search for a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor in the Directory available through the Association for Play Therapy

For PLAY THERAPY: Everything begins and ends with the Association for Play Therapy. Visit APT's website and review the guides. The requirements have changed and I encourage you to start your journey by calling APT directly to discuss your situation. 

If you are unsure about your graduate level transcripts, I recommend paying the fee to APT and requesting a transcript review. You want to know if you need any additional graduate level coursework before committing to play therapy supervision.

Research potential supervisors and look for clinicians that have the RPT-S (Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor) designation. This designation was required beginning in January 2020 and also means that the clinician has more play therapy experience and training.

If you are currently receiving consultation and are looking for play therapy resources, find them here

Individual vs. Group Consultation 

We can discuss which services are best suited for your professional goals and current situation/resources.  You can read more about choosing a supervisor here. 


  • Personalized feedback on your case for an entire session
  • The opportunity to review your recorded play or EMDR sessions in detail
  • Time to explore issues of counter-transference that may be more personal in nature
  • Flexibility to discuss more challenging cases without feeling rushed
  • Personalized to your individual professional goals


  • Lower investment initially while you decide if this is a good fit for your
  • The comfort of having other professionals who may have similar questions or cases
  • The opportunity to network with other professionals and get accountability on your goals
  • No pressure to fill an entire hour
  • Hear multiple perspectives on the same case as fellow clinicians have helpful tools and resources

important details

Contact me to schedule a brief phone call to determine if we are a good fit for consultation

My consultation sessions employ active discussions of many different theoretical orientations and models.  My primary influences are from training that I have completed and include:

 EMDR | Internal Family Systems/Parts | Attachment-Based

 Child Centered Play Therapy | Synergetic Play Therapy |Developmental Play Therapy |

Common Questions About Individual Consultation?

How does the play session review work?

Is there a limit on individual consultation?

What are the fees for individual consultation?

How long are the individual meetings?

Common Questions About Group Consultation?

Where are the meetings?

When are the meetings?

Who can attend group consultation?

Can I get all of my hours in group consultation only?

How many people are in each group?

How can I view the schedule of the available sessions?

But we are in different time zones, doesn't it get confusing?


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