Putting the Fun Back Into St. Patrick’s Day

Aside from occasionally wearing green, I can not remember a time that I ever truly celebrated St. Patrick's Day.   But I clearly remember the day that I very intentionally stopped celebrating

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For People Who Are Afraid to Publish Their Blog Posts…

I hear from therapists (and friends) quite frequently that they have a burning DESIRE to blog.  But, they never publish any blog posts. On the surface, I am confused.  If you've ALWAYS wanted

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Play Therapy Quotes: Fact or Fiction?

There are some well-known sayings in the play therapy world that are widely accepted as factual statements.But are they true??You might be surprised to learn the story behind your favorite play therapy

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Spring Cleaning My Course Library: Important Updates and Changes

I haven't watched one episode of Marie Kondo, but I am aware of her methods on tidying up and decluttering your physical environment.  For those of you who are not familiar, her advice is to: Keep

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Private Practice: Is It Financially Sound to Attend a Training?

You go to your mailbox, get a postcard about an upcoming play therapy training, and get really excited about the learning objectives.Or, you are on social media and see a post about a training that offers

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Behind Every Cute Social Media Photo: 1000 Blurry Roller Skate Pictures and a Few Meltdowns

Another weekend of playful memories with my family got me thinking about the truth behind the photos that get shared on social media.A friend of mine recently posted that she quit social media for a whole

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Celebrating Play Therapy During National Play Therapy Week 2019

While most of you were watching the Super Bowl, play therapists around the country were beginning their annual celebrations of National Play Therapy Week (February 3-9).   National Play Therapy

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The Truth About Hiking with Little Kids (and a Few Survival Tips)

Our military family is lucky enough to spend three years living on Oahu, Hawaii and during that time, I have committed us to seeing and doing basically everything there is to see and do.Included in that

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Book Review: Aggression in Play Therapy by Lisa Dion

Lisa Dion's new book Aggression in Play Therapy debuted at #1 in the Psychotherapy Charts (woohoo Lisa!) and for good reason.   I provide my honest, unpaid, and unbiased opinion about the book today.

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What Does a Play Therapy Office Look Like? Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a play therapy office looked like? Or have you wondered how YOUR play therapy space compares to your colleagues?  Ever wished that you could

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