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Do It Afraid

"In just over 48 hours, there are 41 clinicians and their family members arriving at a hotel on the North Shore of Oahu for a play therapy conference.  I am hosting a 5-day play therapy retreat with

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Helping Children Cope with Short Separations from Their Parent

Are you going to be traveling without your children for a few weeks?  Or is your spouse/partner the one traveling? These relatively short trips are usually pretty manageable, but they can still be

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What Happened After I Got Rid of 75% of My Kids Toys

Wow, it sounds really mean to say that I got rid of 75% percent of my kids toys!  And I didn’t actually count them and calculate this math, but I think it’s pretty accurate.First off, WHY did

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Permission to “Learn Nothing” For Today

Last week, my four-year-old son woke up and did not want to go to school (aka day care).  He refused to get dressed and I could sense a meltdown was coming.  What To Do? In my wheelhouse as a

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My Long Journey Towards EMDR Certification (and why that is Okay!)

There is an informal joke among many of my therapist friends that we are “certification junkies.”  One of my most intelligent and esteemed colleagues often told me if there was a class that had

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Advice for Graduates

Have you ever considered what a monumental task it is to give a graduation commencement address?How do you condense the wisdom of your experience over the past 10, 20, 30, 40+ years of your career into

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The Odd Thing I Added To My Playroom That Has Been A Big Hit

A few weeks ago I was browsing for furniture on social media Marketplace and very randomly came across this item.And I was instantly attracted to it.  At the time, I had no idea how I was going to

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Do It ‘Just Because’

When is the last time that you did something, anything, without having a good reason to do it?  By that I mean, when did you do something “just because,”. For people, I think especially for

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Book Review: When Parents are At War by Lynn Louise Wonders

The selection for the April meeting of my Play Therapy Book Club (voted on my members of my Facebook group) isn't a typical play therapy book. But it is an invaluable resource for any clinician that

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The Private Practice Journey in GIF’s

Opening a private practice is filled with emotions.  Here are some of the common things that you might go through during the  process: Trying to Work up the Courage to Leave Your Agency

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