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Book Review: When Parents are At War by Lynn Louise Wonders

The selection for the April meeting of my Play Therapy Book Club (voted on my members of my Facebook group) isn't a typical play therapy book. But it is an invaluable resource for any clinician that

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The Private Practice Journey in GIF’s

Opening a private practice is filled with emotions.  Here are some of the common things that you might go through during the  process: Trying to Work up the Courage to Leave Your Agency

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A Better Way to Answer the Question “What Do You Do?”

Rob Anspach wrote a short blog article entitled “Just 6 Words to Create Curiosity” which, as you might expect, worked perfectly at baiting my own curiosity to try to guess what those six words were.Mentally,

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Sandtray Miniatures: A Review of Kennedy’s Mini’s

Within the play therapy, sand tray, and sand play communities, there are hundreds of resources for finding miniatures.In fact, once you get started in sand tray, the challenge becomes how to STOP finding

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3 Must-Watch Play Therapy Ted Talks

I'm going to keep this post really simple. There are only 3 TEDx Talks that have been given by PLAY THERAPISTS (as of March 2019).  There are a few others about the importance of play, but these

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How Powerful is the “Power Pose” as an Intervention?

One of of the most popular Ted Talks of all time includes this one in 2012 by Amy Cuddy called "Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are."   It is often referred to as The Power Pose Talk or

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Putting the Fun Back Into St. Patrick’s Day

Aside from occasionally wearing green, I can not remember a time that I ever truly celebrated St. Patrick's Day.   But I clearly remember the day that I very intentionally stopped celebrating

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For People Who Are Afraid to Publish Their Blog Posts…

I hear from therapists (and friends) quite frequently that they have a burning DESIRE to blog.  But, they never publish any blog posts. On the surface, I am confused.  If you've ALWAYS wanted

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Play Therapy Quotes: Fact or Fiction?

There are some well-known sayings in the play therapy world that are widely accepted as factual statements.But are they true??You might be surprised to learn the story behind your favorite play therapy

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Spring Cleaning My Course Library: Important Updates and Changes

I haven't watched one episode of Marie Kondo, but I am aware of her methods on tidying up and decluttering your physical environment.  For those of you who are not familiar, her advice is to: Keep

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