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Spring Cleaning My Course Library: Important Updates and Changes

I haven't watched one episode of Marie Kondo, but I am aware of her methods on tidying up and decluttering your physical environment.  For those of you who are not familiar, her advice is to: Keep

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Private Practice: Is It Financially Sound to Attend a Training?

You go to your mailbox, get a postcard about an upcoming play therapy training, and get really excited about the learning objectives.Or, you are on social media and see a post about a training that offers

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Celebrating Play Therapy During National Play Therapy Week 2019

While most of you were watching the Super Bowl, play therapists around the country were beginning their annual celebrations of National Play Therapy Week (February 3-9).   National Play Therapy

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Book Review: Aggression in Play Therapy by Lisa Dion

Lisa Dion's new book Aggression in Play Therapy debuted at #1 in the Psychotherapy Charts (woohoo Lisa!) and for good reason.   I provide my honest, unpaid, and unbiased opinion about the book today.

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What Does a Play Therapy Office Look Like? Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a play therapy office looked like? Or have you wondered how YOUR play therapy space compares to your colleagues?  Ever wished that you could

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Play Therapy Practice Building Spotlight: Cary Hamilton

Play Therapy Practice Building Spotlight: Cary HamiltonIn this video Q&A interview, Jen Taylor talks  with Cary Hamilton and learns how it is possible to go from solo practice, to group practice

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12 Play Therapy Days of Christmas Music Video

Some of my friends and colleagues from around the United States worked together to create this musical parody of the classic 12 Days of Christmas song.  You can read more about the list items and

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Gift Giving Guide for the The Play Therapist in Your life

              Gifts for Play TherapistsDo you know a play therapist or child counselor and have no idea what to get them? Or, are you a play therapist that needs

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Play Therapy Practice Building Academy: Spotlight on Andrea Crafton

Private: Play Therapy Practice Building Academy: Spotlight on Andrea CraftonIn this Q&A video interview, Jen Taylor chats with Andrea Crafton about her private practice.  You will learn that

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I attended the National APT Play Therapy Conference for the first time…this is what it was like for me

 My Love for the Annual Play Therapy Conference (in GIF's)I'm embarrassed to admit that I have been a Registered Play Therapist for almost ten years and have never been able to attend the biggest

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