Services for Professionals Include:


  • In Person Training Available in Hawaii
  • Online Training Available in Live OR Recorded Formats
  • Play Therapy Practice Building Academy For Your Private Practice
  • Certification Programs Available!


  • Distance Play Therapy Supervision & Consultation
  • Group Formats Provide Networking and Collaboration
  • Individual Consultation for More Attention or Challenging Cases

Play Therapy Training with Experts and Leaders Like:

The course catalog lists all the available continuing education courses. Courses that are approved by the Association for Play Therapy may be eligible for contact or non-contact hours, depending on the course. The amount and type of credit is clearly listed in each course description. Courses that are approved for NBCC credit hours are clearly marked in the course description. It is your responsibility to ensure that the course meets the criteria for your specific state licensing board or course need. Courses eligible for continuing education credits are for mental health professionals only.

Services for Children & Parents Include:


  • Play Therapy for Children ages 3-11
  • Traditional "Talk Therapy" Plus Art/Games/Sand Interventions for Tweens and Teens
  • Perfect for Children with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Problems, Grief/Loss, Difficulty Adjusting to a Change, or a History of Trauma


  • Family Counseling Available for All Types of Family Structures
  • Learn specific strategies to help manage difficult behaviors
  • Improve and Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

Overcome Challenges Related To Having a New Baby in the Home

Solutions for Emotional and Behavioral Challenges in Children

Reduce Power Struggles and Increase Joyful Interactions in Your Family

Counseling Services Will Help Your Child & Your Family:

  • ​The specialized play therapy room makes younger children feel right at home. Through play, your child can communicate what is bothering them and start feeling (and behaving better). Ask me about how play therapy works!
  • Art, sandtray, and kinesthetic storytelling interventions help older children and teenagers who don't want to be in therapy start to communicate their feelings. We can talk about if this is a good fit for your child.
  • For children with a history of trauma, children benefit from specialized services like TF-CBT or EMDR. We can discuss if this would benefit your child.
  • Every session includes a parent consultation that gives you specific and concrete steps to use at home to help resolve issues. Your input is critical to our success. 
  • Additional services include sessions for siblings that fight constantly (they CAN get along!) and family sessions to strengthen your relationship with your child. Let me know how you want to be included in our sessions!

Services for ADULTS & COUPLES Include


  • Individual Counseling for Adults
  • Ask About EMDR Services for Trauma
  • Perfect for Adults Struggling with Depression, Anxiety, or A Significant Change in Your Life


  • Ask about the Gottman Method for Couples
  • Learn how to improve communication skills, especially for those "perpetual problems"
  • Improve and Strengthen Your Marriage

Still You; Only Better

Re-Ignite the Passions and The Friendship

​Individual or Couples Counseling Services Designed For Your Needs

  • A welcoming and confidential space allows you to work on the issues most important to you
  • Short term services available. Counseling doesn't have to take forever. 
  • For adults with a history of trauma or other complex issues, treatment is available on a more long-term basis and may include specialized sandtray techniques, EMDR that work well for adults. 
  • For couples, expect a thorough assessment of the STRENGTHS and challenges you have as a couple with a clear plan towards a happier relationship.
  • Learn strategies to make your relationship more fun and playful while still addressing past hurts and perpetual fights.

I'd like more information

On Play Therapy Courses or Consultation Services

On Obtaining Therapy for My Child's Emotions or Behavior

On Obtaining Therapy for Myself or for Help with my Marriage

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