Journal to the Self Course

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Journal To The Self Workshop:

Jen Taylor is excited to introduce the Journal to the Self Workshop as a supplment to traditional psychotherapy services.  The Journal To the Self is a 12-hour workshop created by Kay Adams of the Thereapuetic Writing Institute.  This workshop teaches you HOW to keep a journal for personal growth, creative expression and/or life enrichment. 

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for ANYONE!  If you have kept a journal in the past or if you have never used a journal in your entire life, this workshop will teach you techniques to use in your journal in a way that will create personal transformation. 

Don't worry: You are not required to share ANYTHING that you write in your journal during this workshop.  However, people often share reflections about the process or feedback about how the techniques were helpful. 

This workshop is helpful for:

  • Overthinkers who can't get negative thoughts out of their head
  • Creatives who are currently stuck or out of ideas
  • Stressed out moms/dad/caregivers who need new coping skills
  • Busy professionals that are feeling  burned out in their careers
  • Individuals going through a transition or a medical situation
  • People who enjoy creative writing or personal growth

All the Details


Where: Online through Zoom

Cost: $150

How to Enroll: email me at to schedule the next class! Minimum 6 participants

Looking for a Journal Prompt to get You Started?

Try one of these guided prompts