Decoding your Dreams Course

Decoding Your Dreams:

In this brief, recorded expressive writing course, Jen Taylor provides a 6-step journaling method for decoding the meaning of your dreams. Includes a downloadable ebook and a worksheet to create a useful dream journal and find wisdom in your dreams.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for ANYONE!  If you have kept a dream journal in the past or even if you have trouble remembering your dreams (and want to use a daydream instead!), this course will help you find the hidden meanings in the metaphors and symbols of your dreams so that you can use that information in your waking life. 

This mini-course is helpful for:

  • People who have wild, interesting or repetitive dreams that you find curious
  • Those who are interested in symbols, metaphors and finding their own interpretations
  • Anyone who enjoys creative writing, journaling, or is looking for new ways to explore their mind
  • Someone who is open to new and innovative explanations to previous experiences

This mini-course is NOT designed for: 

  • People who have flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disorders or recurrent, distressing dreams related to traumatic events
  • Those who are in need of therapy related to distressing dreams. (Get a therapist FIRST). 
  • Anyone who is looking for an outside person to provide "THE answer" 

A Simple but DEEP Look at Your Dreams

I really appreciated this course. The steps are easy. BUT the process was RICH. By stepping into the ideas, I was able to really look at what my inner self was trying to tell me. I also liked that yes, you look at symbols's MY interpretation (not a book) that gives the dream meaning. THANKS for this tool!!!

Andrea Buchanan// Participant

A journey into my dreams, loved it!

It was fun to keep going deeper into my dreams, I loved uncovering the possibilities of what my dreams are exploring. For me it was like taking a journey on treasure map. I am not usually a person who remembers my dreams, and Jen had suggested easy to implement strategies to help make that possible. Jen enriched the training with journaling tools I can continue to use long after I finished the course! Loved it!

Rose LaPiere// Course Participant

The acronym DREAMS makes total sense & easy to remember when attempting to make sense of our dreams.

Very good guidelines (journal instructions) to help decipher the potential relation of the different symbols/metaphors in our dreams to what might possibly be going on in our real/waking life.

Patricia Rocha// Course Participant


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