Nature-Based Play and Expressive Therapies: Interventions for Working with Children, Teens, and Families

Edited by: Janet Courtney, Jamie Lynn Langley, Lynn Louise Wonders, Rosalind Heiko, Rose LaPiere

Chapter 14. Using Nature-based Interventions in Family Play Therapy Jennifer Taylor and Bree Conklin

Chapter 14, Using Nature-Based Interventions in Family Play Therapy

In this large book (it's workbook size),  readers will enjoy countless interventions for indoor or outdoor nature play.  The book includes many illustrations and photographs and pages of intervention worksheets. 

In chapter 14, Dr. Bree Conklin and Jennifer Taylor detail how to use nature-based play therapy in family therapy interventions. This chapter focuses on cases studies that can be done in-session or as between-session homework. 

Find author interviews, blogs and other free nature-resources related to this publication here

Implementing Play Therapy with Groups, 1st edition

Edited by: Clair Mellenthin, Jessica Stone & Robert Jason Grant December 2021

Chapter 18, Play Therapy Group Supervision by Jennifer Taylor

Chapter 18, Play Therapy Group Supervision

Chapter 18, Play Therapy Group Supervision, was a rewarding chapter for me to write. Rather than focusing solely on techniques, this chapter describes the process of supervision using multiple theoretical frameworks while drawing on the strengths of each group member.  Drawing on a "latticework of theory" group play therapy supervision can be a rewarding experience for each group member and for the leader.  Using this "latticework of theory" the experience can be engaging and highly experiential. 

All of the other chapters focus on working directly with children.  These insightful and practical strategies help clinicians implement group play therapy in their practices with children who come to therapy with a range of presenting problems.  For clinicians who are interested in expanding their work beyond individual sessions, this book will provide you with so many useful strategies that will provide an evidence-based framework for your work with child play therapy groups in a variety of settings. 

Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Games with Children and Adolescents, 3rd Edition

Jessica Stone (Editor) & Charles E. Schaefer (Editor) November 2019

Chapter 4, Cooperative Games by Jennifer Taylor

Jessica Stone (Editor) and Charles E. Schaefer (Editor)

Chapter 4, Cooperative Games

It was a great honor to write Chapter 4, Cooperative Games, in this publication of Game Play: Therapuetic use of Games with Children and Adolescents.  Cooperative games are those in which the players work together against an imaginary opponent (the game itself).  Their use in therapy is one of my favorite tools when working with siblings that have high-conflict relationships. However, they are helpful for building a variety of skills in therapy and also as tools for families to use in their homes. You can read a short article about some of my favorite Cooperative Games here.  I talked with my esteemed colleague, Lisa Dion, about Cooperative Games on her podcast Lessons from the Playroom.  Take a listen here

The book includes chapters on strategy games, digital games, using game play with children of divorce or sexual abuse and many other topics from some of the most capable colleagues in the play therapy field. It is a valuable addition to your bookshelf.  Please find all of the details about this book at the publishers link below. 

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