Floral Arranging with a

Focus on Mental Health

I always said if I won the lottery, I would have fresh flowers in my house all the time.

Well, I didn't win the lottery, but I realized that you don't have to be rich to enjoy the benefits of fresh flowers.  Playing with flowers is one of my hobbies - but it's hard to separate work from play so I add a mental health spin to all of my floral arranging activities and gather research on how flowers provide benefits to your mental health. 

All Things Flowers:

 Articles, Interventions and Links to the Latest Research

Feel free to share anything you find here on social media or use with your families, in your classrooms or in your mental health training.

Please credit appropriately (me, as needed, or the research as cited). 

Floral Arranging for Mental Health: Activities and Interventions by Jen Taylor

Flower Related Journal Prompts

Articles Related to Flowers & Mental Health

Jen Taylor is a social worker, therapist, teacher and writer.   Through journaling, flower arranging, travel, storytelling and exercise - Jen's hobbies become innovative courses that engage the playful and creative parts of you. Jen uses her free time to writes daily in her journal, occasionally in blogs and whenever possible in growing collection of professional books. 

Jen is a military spouse and a mother of a three (a daughter and then twin boys born just thirteen months later). She is an avid reader, an adventurous thrill-seeker, a travel enthusiast, and a girl who lifts weights and runs for fun. 

And, her favorite flower is a TULIP!

Jen Taylor, LCSW-C, RPT-S