Couples Counseling:

Jen Taylor is currently accepting couples for marriage therapy through Jewish Community Services for clients who live in Maryland only.    Jen Taylor completed Levels 1 and Level 2 of the Gottman Method for marriage therapy in 2018.  The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couple relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory.

If you are current couple receiving services and need access to the special resource area "For My Couples" please ask me for the password.  This private page is filled with handouts and resources that I have curated just for you as a supplement to the work that you are doing in sessions. 

What to Expect:

step 1

First Meeting: Come In Together 

Both partners need to be present for the initial evaluation to complete what is called an "Oral History Interview." During this meeting, we will discuss the history of your relationship and look at one area of conflict. 

step 2

Second/Third Meetings:  Individual Sessions and Assessments

Each partner will then complete an individual session in which your personal relationship history is discussed. This includes your family or origin and past relationships.  *Please note, that the information that is discussed in this meeting is expected to be available to your partner.  There are no secrets in marriage counseling between the therapist and one person in the marriage.  The individual sessions may occur on the same day, or on different days. 

Each partner will complete a series of online assessments designed by the Gottman Institute that will guide  your therapist in the development of an individualized treatment plan for your relationship.   Each partner will receive a personalized invitation via email to complete the assessments. They are scored automatically and the results are sent directly to me.  

step 3

Fourth Visit:  Review and Plan

You will return as a couple for the fourth visit in which the information obtained during the first three sessions as well as from the online assessments will be reviewed.  You will receive information about the strengths in your relationship and from each of you as individuals.  You will also receive information on areas that can be improved and a plan for working towards that over time. 

A Key Component of Couples Counseling

One of the things discussed during this session in the Gottman's conceptualization of the Sound Relationship House. 

The Sound Relationship House Theory believes that the most satisfying relationships are built with the understanding that TRUST and COMMITMENT make up the solid walls of your relationship.  Without these two elements, it is difficult to build a strong structure from which your relationship can thrive.

 If TRUST has been compromised through an infidelity,  affair, betrayal, or even addiction or other mental health issue, then this is an area to be repaired during therapy sessions.  Along those lines, the COMMITMENT that you show towards your life-long marriage will be vital to its success.  Your level of commitment may vary based on your current circumstances, but will be a huge part of the conversations had in therapy. 

Within the walls of the Sound Relationship House, are 9 Key areas that include interventions that can be learned and practiced during therapy sessions. 

The Sound Relationship House 

Sound Relationship House areas include:
  • Build Love Maps
  • Share Fondness and Appreciation
  • Turn Towards Instead of Away
  • The Positive Perspective
  • Manage Conflict
  • Make Life Dreams Come True
  • Create Shared Meaning

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