We Need to Work Together

“Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

I get it!

As a parent, I understand that parenting can be relentless and exhausting. Parents are doing the best they can with the knowledge and resources they have. You don’t have time to read all of the latest parenting books or take a bunch of classes. When you don’t know what else to do for your child, you call in reinforcements. You hire a medical doctor for coughs and colds, you get a coach for soccer or gymnastics, and you find a great therapist for your child when they are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems. Let me help you find ways that you can make small changes to to get better results. As a parent collaborating in family counseling or through one of our parent support groups…you can easily learn ways to improve your relationship with your child in just a few weeks.

Parenting Tips:

Be Consistent

This is the hardest and also most important thing!

Be Affectionate

Hugs, kisses, pats on the back, high fives, and tickles!

Be Attentive

Shoot for 30 minutes of undivided attention once a week.

Be Understanding

Acknowledge your child's feelings by saying, "I know you're mad."

Be Brief

Try to use 10 words or less when stating rules.

Be Positive

Praise the effort instead of the result and target the behaviors you want to see.

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