Permission Slips

A Few Disclaimers on Permission Slips


First, Do No Harm To Yourself or Others

Permission Slips are NEVER available to harm yourself or others or to intentionally commit any criminal activity or harm to people, animals or property. 

*You have permission to fantasize about just about anything, but you are ultimately responsible for the CONSEQUENCES of your actual behavior. 


Seek Professional Assistance

Permission slips are a journal prompt that is part of an introspective and creative process.  They are not a substitute for professional therapy services.  If you are struggling with a mental health issue, a personal safety issue, or are considering self-harm, please contact Jen Taylor or another licensed professional for additional assistance. 


Repeat As Needed and Personalize

Feel free to use as many permission slips as needed.  You can also create your own -either a simple scrap of paper folded in your pocket or a fancy or artistic or even laminated one.  The possibilities are endless. You literally have permission to do this anyway that you want!