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Is Your Toddler Picking Up Bad Habits At Day Care?

Day care is a necessary evil for most parents.  Truthfully, it can also be a lifesaver.  If you trust your day care provider, having another set of people that can love your child is truly a blessing.

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The Threenager: Why Dealing With Three Year Olds Is So Hard

Before I had kids, I would always say that three year olds were my favorite.  They are so cute-no longer babies but not quite big kids.  They look adorable dressed up like miniature adults.  They can

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Reduce Tantrums in 6 Easy Steps

I have three children under three years old, so I know a lot about tantrums. They are a part of my daily existence. Let’s just face the fact that tantrums cannot be reduced to zero. They cannot be completely

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