August 30, 2023

I also attended Jenn’s morning workshop and I would say that this afternoon training also met my needs. Like the morning training, we learned new ways of working with children on the continuum of child centered play therapy as well as prescriptive play therapy. We experience firsthand in the workshop how writing can help us go from the unconscious to the conscious level where we can then make decisions to improve our lives.

About the Author

Jen Taylor, LCSW-C, RPT-S is an EMDR Approved Consultant and Certified Journal to the Self Instructor.  She is a therapist specializing in complex trauma, an international play therapy teacher and a published writer of multiple play therapy chapters.  Jen is the creator of the original 2017 Play Therapy Summit and many other innovative programs for mental health professionals.  Jen uses writing therapy, play therapy and expressive arts for her clients and for other mental health professionals so they can lead more joyful and meaningful lives.  Jen encourages people to try new things and create daily habits that allow for incremental progress towards previously unimaginable results.   Jen is a travel enthusiast, an avid reader, and a girl who lifts weights and runs for fun.  

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