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Are you mentally prepared to watch ‘Surviving R. Kelly’?

I'm going to show my age here (or my youth, depending on who is reading this), but my Senior Class Song in 1997 was "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly.Now, at the time, I voted against it because I thought

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What is EMDR? And Should Your Child Get It In Therapy?

EMDR should only be performed by a trained clinician who understands the complexities of trauma and who is prepared to manage any adverse reactions that might come up. That being said, EMDR is just one

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The Parents’ Guide to Discussing ’13 Reasons Why’ With Your Child

Netflix launched a new show at the end of March 2017 called ’13 Reasons Why” that has drawn a lot of buzz in therapy circles and parenting groups. Like most popular culture, it succeeds at

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