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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Parents

January is coming, do you make New’s Years Resolutions? Well, I love resolutions and I am really good at keeping them. Really good. Last year my resolution was to try new things. (Being in a practical

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How To Teach Kids Gratitude Without Sounding Ridiculous

Gratitude is the typical “theme” of November in many ways. But, even writing it here makes me say, ugh! Really, do we have to go around the table and talk about this topic? Groan. But, I have

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Parenting Anxiety and the Danger of "What If" Thinking

Are you an anxious parent? Do you constantly worry about  your children? Are you afraid to let your child experience failure, hurt, or disappointment? You are not alone. Anxiety in children is on the

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The #1 Parenting "Mistake"

Ever wondered what the biggest parenting mistake is that I see in my private practice? Want to learn what to do to correct it? Well, let’s start by reframing the idea of parenting mistakes.  I hate

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