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Spring Cleaning My Course Library: Important Updates and Changes

I haven't watched one episode of Marie Kondo, but I am aware of her methods on tidying up and decluttering your physical environment.  For those of you who are not familiar, her advice is to: Keep

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My Mom Is A Play Therapist

Let’s welcome back our guest blogger Theresa Fraser as she interviews an accomplished adolescent and how her mother’s profession has impacted her outlook on life! ___________________ I had

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Working with Gifted Children in Play Therapy: Part 1

Our next guest blogger is Dr. Jessica Stone who dives into the world of working with gifted children.

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What are the "Must Have" Toys for a New Play Therapist?

Questions about “must have” toys get asked so many times by clinicians new to the field of play therapy.  And, the answers can vary widely.  I’ve given parents some of my favorite toys

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Dibs: In Search of Self – Play Therapy Virtual Book Club, July

Nerd alert!  I love a good book club. The problem is that I am one of those professionals that spends my free time reading professional books and so I never actually make time to read fiction books for

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10 Secret Confessions From A Play Therapist

Confessions are good for the soul.  They help unburden you from guilt and help you think about solutions.  Well, today I will let you in on a few confessions about play therapy from my own perspective. But

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