Do you offer bribes to your child to get good behavior?  Parents often feel guilty about “using bribes” to get their children to comply with rules. I hear it all the time. They will

Managing parent and child visits when drugs or alcohol is involved can be tricky. Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse is a factor in over 30 million homes (according to Narc-Anon). And, too many of

Time-in is a coping skill used by therapists to teach children how to regulate (aka deal with) difficult emotions.  Before we get into the details, let’s review some of the reasons that time out

Are you an anxious parent? Do you constantly worry about  your children? Are you afraid to let your child experience failure, hurt, or disappointment? You are not alone. Anxiety in children is on the

Play Therapy? Are you unsure of exactly what that means? When people ask what I do for a living and I them I am a Play Therapist, I almost always get the response, “What

Praise is supposed to be good for kids, right? What is wrong with saying “Good Job?” Well, nothing in particular, I guess. The wrong kind of praise can actually cause anxiety and lower self-esteem.

30 minute play sessions are one of the most powerful ways to improve the parent child relationship.  And doing so just 30 minutes  once per week is enough to see dramatic results.  You can

I have three children under three years old, so I know a lot about tantrums. They are a part of my daily existence. Let’s just face the fact that tantrums cannot be reduced to

Shaming children, especially in a public forum is something that needs to end.  Two things have happened this week that have prompted me to go on a little bit of a rampage. A History

Feelings Activity for Play Therapy Looking for a great play therapy intervention for feelings? For those of who are familiar with the new Disney Pixar move, “Inside Out”, I have a great feelings activity