Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2018! You may  have noticed that you have not been getting the weekly emails anymore.  Since moving to Hawaii, I have really dropped the ball on that one.  But luckily, I have

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The Value of Unstructured Play

“Play.” That was the answer my three year old son gave when I asked the same question I ask every Friday afternoon.  The question is, “What do you want to do this weekend?” Now,

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Play Therapy & Family Court

Clinicians-Are you prepared for a high conflict family court case? I could talk about play therapy all day.  It’s fun and exciting and so powerful.  You know what’s not fun?  Spending a

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Integrative Attachment Informed Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (IAI-CBPT)

Integrative Attachment Informed Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (IAI-CBPT) was a topic in the 2017 Play Therapy Summit presented by Dr. Angela Cavett.  Dr. Cavett created this model out of her love

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The Culture of Childhood

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say how thankful I am for everyone that participated in the 2017 Play Therapy Summit. I have now moved to Hawaii and since it might be cold where most of you are,

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Does Your Child Have Anxiety From Playing The Video Game 5 Nights At Freddy’s?

5 Nights at Freddy’s is a video game that is quite popular with kids these days.  From what I have heard, elementary aged kids and up have been really into this video game.  But, many are having

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We’re Going to Disneyland! Preparing Children With Trauma History for High Intensity Activities!

We’re going to Disneyland! After a crazy month getting ready for our big move, we are taking a much needed family vacation to break up the trip to Hawaii with a little stop over in Disneyland.  Planning

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Why Parenting Advice Sucks

I have a love/hate relationship with parenting advice.  On some days, I read parenting articles and find the information helpful.  On other days, I read articles that dole out parenting advice and think,

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What are the "Must Have" Toys for a New Play Therapist?

Questions about “must have” toys get asked so many times by clinicians new to the field of play therapy.  And, the answers can vary widely.  I’ve given parents some of my favorite toys

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Adjusting to Change: A Lifelong Opportunity for Learning

Part of a therapist’s job is to help children with adjusting to change in a healthy and productive way.  Typically this involves changes that happened in a family PRIOR to the therapists involvement

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