The Empathetic Child

Welcome guest blogger, Adrienne Jeffries! She brings to light the realities of nurturing the Empathetic Child! Read More »

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Foster Parent Struggles

My first guest blogger is Theresa Frasier. She highlights the struggles and realities of a foster parent and Play Therapist. Enjoy! Read More »

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Play Therapy Practice Building Spotlight: Sarah Stein-Wolf

Play Therapy Practice Building Spotlight: Sarah Stein-WolfSarah Stein-Wolf shares the things that have worked well (and not so well) in her first six months of play therapy practice in this video interview

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That is the name of Holly Willard’s coloring book and the subject of her course Sexual Abuse Treatment Methods Using Play Therapy from the 2017 Play Therapy Summit. Holly takes this topic very seriously

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Coping with Hawaii’s Ballistic Missile False Alarm

It’s been two full days since Hawaii’s ballistic missile false alarm.  Many people have blogged about what it was like to think you were going to die. People who were not here really don’t

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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2018! You may  have noticed that you have not been getting the weekly emails anymore.  Since moving to Hawaii, I have really dropped the ball on that one.  But luckily, I have

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The Value of Unstructured Play

“Play.” That was the answer my three year old son gave when I asked the same question I ask every Friday afternoon.  The question is, “What do you want to do this weekend?” Now,

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Play Therapy & Family Court

Clinicians-Are you prepared for a high conflict family court case? I could talk about play therapy all day.  It’s fun and exciting and so powerful.  You know what’s not fun?  Spending a

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Integrative Attachment Informed Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (IAI-CBPT)

Integrative Attachment Informed Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (IAI-CBPT) was a topic in the 2017 Play Therapy Summit presented by Dr. Angela Cavett.  Dr. Cavett created this model out of her love

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The Culture of Childhood

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say how thankful I am for everyone that participated in the 2017 Play Therapy Summit. I have now moved to Hawaii and since it might be cold where most of you are,

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