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Behind Every Cute Social Media Photo: 1000 Blurry Roller Skate Pictures and a Few Meltdowns

Another weekend of playful memories with my family got me thinking about the truth behind the photos that get shared on social media.A friend of mine recently posted that she quit social media for a whole

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The Threenager: Why Dealing With Three Year Olds Is So Hard

Before I had kids, I would always say that three year olds were my favorite.  They are so cute-no longer babies but not quite big kids.  They look adorable dressed up like miniature adults.  They can

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Reduce Tantrums in 6 Easy Steps

I have three children under three years old, so I know a lot about tantrums. They are a part of my daily existence. Let’s just face the fact that tantrums cannot be reduced to zero. They cannot be completely

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