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What Happened After I Got Rid of 75% of My Kids Toys

Wow, it sounds really mean to say that I got rid of 75% percent of my kids toys!  And I didn’t actually count them and calculate this math, but I think it’s pretty accurate.First off, WHY did

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What are the "Must Have" Toys for a New Play Therapist?

Questions about “must have” toys get asked so many times by clinicians new to the field of play therapy.  And, the answers can vary widely.  I’ve given parents some of my favorite toys

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Top 10 Holiday Toys (Recommended By A Play Therapist) Under $30

Toys are my world. As a play therapist, I have a fully stocked play therapy space and am always on the lookout for great toys. Despite the current popularity of video games and electronics, there are no

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