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Behind Every Cute Social Media Photo: 1000 Blurry Roller Skate Pictures and a Few Meltdowns

Another weekend of playful memories with my family got me thinking about the truth behind the photos that get shared on social media.A friend of mine recently posted that she quit social media for a whole

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“If It Bleeds, It Leads” – Talking to Children About Tragic News Headlines

Welcome back our guest blogger Marly Hinestroza, as she discusses about tragic media headlines, the effects on children, and how you as a parent can help!  ___________ On 01/13/18, at 8:00 am HST, I was

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Is Music.ly Safe For Teens?

Music.ly (pronounced as if there were not a period), is a video social media platform based around (you guessed it) music and marketed by the company as a way to “live with passion, live music.ly” It

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