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Helping Your Child Navigate Difficult Emotions

Welcome Alyssa Caldbeck as our guest blogger this week as she explores navigating a child’s difficult emotions. ______________________________ Parenting is the most challenging job you’ll ever have. Weathering the storms of your child’s vast and varied emotions can feel like tricky territory. Experts on the subject of emotional intelligence say that it is best taught …

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Early Signs And Intervention

Let’s welcome our latest guest blogger, Leanna Rae, as she begins a series of articles on early signs of sensory and motor immaturity and early intervention! ___________________________________ Learning is much more than classrooms and tests.  Children start at a young age exploring their environment through their senses (sensory learning) and working to understand how to …

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That is the name of Holly Willard’s coloring book and the subject of her course Sexual Abuse Treatment Methods Using Play Therapy from the 2017 Play Therapy Summit. Holly takes this topic very seriously and it is obvious during her heartfelt presentation that sexual abuse prevention is one of her passions. And that’s because she …

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Adjusting to a New Baby in the Home: Lessons from MTV’s Chelsea Houska

If you are adjusting to a new  baby in your home and you have another child in the home that is school age or younger, you may find some unexpected behaviors in your otherwise normal child.  This is completely expected!  In fact, if it doesn’t happen, I would be more concerned. Oddly enough, during a …

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Drowning Prevention PSA To Start Summer Out Right!

Summer is upon us and unfortunately, that means that there will be at least one local news story about a child drowning.  It happens every year (too many times). Typically, these are ruled as accidental deaths but occasionally there is a person held responsible for failing to provide appropriate supervision. Swimming in fun.  Drowning, even …

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