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Helping Your Child Navigate Difficult Emotions

Welcome Alyssa Caldbeck as our guest blogger this week as she explores navigating a child’s difficult emotions. ______________________________ Parenting is the most challenging job you’ll ever have. Weathering the storms of your child’s vast and varied emotions can feel like tricky territory. Experts on the subject of emotional intelligence say that it is best taught …

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Early Signs And Intervention

Let’s welcome our latest guest blogger, Leanna Rae, as she begins a series of articles on early signs of sensory and motor immaturity and early intervention! ___________________________________ Learning is much more than classrooms and tests.  Children start at a young age exploring their environment through their senses (sensory learning) and working to understand how to …

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Raising Bi-Cultural Children

Our next guest blogger is Marly Hinestroza-Gaviria! Let’s welcome her as she introduces us into the ways of keeping heritage while raising bi-cultural children. ____________________________________________ Second Generation Parents Wanting To Raise Bi-Cultural Children       Growing up, the soundtrack playing to my adolescent years was the very popular Colombian phrase, “¿si todas se tiran por un puente usted se …

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Does Your Child Have Anxiety From Playing The Video Game 5 Nights At Freddy’s?

5 Nights at Freddy’s is a video game that is quite popular with kids these days.  From what I have heard, elementary aged kids and up have been really into this video game.  But, many are having severe nightmares or sleep anxiety from playing it.  I had never heard of it until today.   In …

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